A Few Things You Need To Know About Schooling in Canada

Looking for a secondary school or high school for your child can be an overwhelming task. There are so many things that you need to take into account. If you are keen on schooling in Canada then you first need to break down the different pros and cons of each school. You will need to create a checklist for each school that you are interested in. Compare the results after you have filled the checklist and choose the one that suits your academic and personal interests. 

However, there are a plethora of schools in Canada to choose from so it can be an exhaustive task. To make it less time consuming, we would suggest that you visit the websites of each school on your preference list and take down the basic information. From the website, you will get a feel for the programs and services offered at the school. You will also get details of when the school was established, accreditation, affiliation and other details. After the preliminary check using the websites of the schools, you may further make a personal visit to the schools that you shortlist. Meet a few teachers and talk to them if you have any questions about the school.

Here are a few important things that you may need to find out:

What Are The Extensive Curriculum and Programs Offered?

Schooling in Canada offers a broad range of options when it comes to choosing the secondary level of education in the country. You may want to find out what types of programs they offer, such as language program, international bachelor’s degree or University preparations. Ensure the school provides exactly what you are interested in.

Academic Requirements And Support

Every school will have a set of academic requirements. They may ask for a certificate from the previous school and the grades earned. You may also want to see whether the school takes any language tests and what score is acceptable in the new school. International students may want to look for the type of language support offered at the school.

Weather And Climate Conditions 

If you are relocating to a new city, then you may want to find out about the weather and climatic conditions in the area. The advantages and downsides of mid-sized cities, small towns, and larger cities should be properly evaluated as well. 

The Culture Of The School 

This is an important feature that students and parents of students must look for in the schools before seeking admission into them. Do you prefer a small and personal environment or a large bustling campus is what you look forward to? The culture of the school will largely depend on its size, religious affiliation (if any), program focus, history, and mission. 

Cost Involved

This is another primary feature that you need to check when looking for schools in Canada. The expenses will include tuition fees, living cost, uniform, food, etc. If you are living off-campus then this will also include the transportation costs. 

Scholarships And Other Financial Aid

Depending upon the type of high school you choose, there may be a special division that looks after scholarships and rewards for merit. Check to see if your child is eligible for scholarship funds or other rewards based on academic achievement. 

You may contact parents and guardians of students studying in the school to get unbiased reviews about the school as well.